Cooperation between Bluedesk CRM and Documizers

Samenwerking Bluedesk CRM en Documizers
Date: 2 April 2021
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Cooperation between Bluedesk CRM and Documizers

‘Together, we want to provide our customers with the very best’

Bluedesk CRM and Documizers work together to optimise the business processes in organisations. Bluedesk is an implementation partner of Salesforce, the largest provider of CRM software, while Documizers brings DocuFlow to the table: your own online platform for document management. What does this cooperation mean for customers?

As an implementation partner, Bluedesk CRM takes a close look at the business processes of many organisations, both commercial and non-profit.

Managing Director Lars Spruijt explains: ‘We also often identify opportunities to optimise document and email processes. We believe DocuFlow is an ideal complement to Salesforce on this score, as it allows you to combine the power of your CRM data with the ease of creating and sending documents online. Digital signing makes this even more efficient. We use it ourselves, including for our own quotes.’

Together, we want to meet our customers’ needs for streamlined processes.

Documizers’ Sales Executive Femke Nijhof is also enthusiastic about this cooperation: ‘We see things the same way. Together, we want to meet our customers’ needs for streamlined processes. Organisations can save a lot of time, money and hassle by working together with us. As a customer, you can also benefit from the flexible way we work with you. We have an easy rapport and clear agreements. We forge our solution to fit the customer’s needs, and Bluedesk CRM sets it up so it works the way it should.’

Customer case: the story of HandicapNL

If you are curious about what cooperation like this looks like, read the interview with Erwin de Winter, ICT & Information Manager at HandicapNL.

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