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Klantverhaal Documizers - Differit
Interview with documizers customer and partner DIFFERIT

'Our quotations really stand out now'

DIFFERIT is an implementation partner of AFAS. In 2021, Evert Smedes and Tarik El Hamdaoui discovered the added value that DocuFlow offered for AFAS by automating the quotation process. Read the whole interview.


DIFFERIT was looking for a smart solution to automate the document process for quotations as much as possible. Smedes: “We wanted to work faster and more efficiently, with less chance of errors. This way we can help our customers faster and better.” Since February 18, 2021, DIFFERIT has been working with DocuFlow from Documizers. Now the quotation process is much faster, and quotations beat out the competition because of their more professional look. DIFFERIT is a partner of Documizers for good reason: for many AFAS users it is nothing short of a godsend.

Our entire quotation process is now 50 to 60% faster than it was before!

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Read the interview with Evert Smedes and Tarik El Hamdaoui, and find out how DIFFERIT uses DocuFlow to manage its documents efficiently.

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