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Interview with Debby Smits, business architect at Logistic Force

"Logistic Force gains at least half an hour per contract per year on 6,500 contracts alone."

Business architect Debby Smits encountered the limitations of the AFAS ERP system at Logistic Force, a temporary employment agency, so in 2019 she decided to plug the gaps and streamline the document processes with Documizers. Read the whole interview.

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In December of 2019, new legislation forced Logistic Force to quickly convert its employment contracts. Smits explains: “Due to the new Dutch Balanced Labor Market Act (Wet arbeidsmarkt in balans), we were obliged to restructure our employment contracts. We had 900 contracts to convert in three weeks. And we did it—with Documizers.”


Smits explains: “It really saves us a lot of time. Before, we had to think about the type of contract, create it manually, print it out and email or post it. And then we had to wait even longer for it to be returned, all with the risk of errors. Now it saves us at least half an hour per contract. And on an annual basis, we have about 6,500 of them. We’re also much more flexible now, have more options and our documents look more professional.”

Our documents look highly sleek and professional

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Read the interview with Debby Smits and find out how Logistic Force uses DocuFlow to manage its documents efficiently.

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