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‘HandicapNL saves 625 hours a year on contracts alone’

Erwin de Winter

Interview with Erwin de Winter. Manager ICT & Information at HandicapNL

Under the guidance of Erwin de Winter, ICT & Information Manager, HandicapNL chose Salesforce in 2016 to make even more of an impact. Implementation partner Bluedesk CRM and Documizers worked together to help HandicapNL make their processes more efficient and gain more control over their data. Read the full interview.


HandicapNL works with DocuFlow and it also chose the digital-signing service. Erwin explains: ‘We use that for our volunteer contracts, among other things. No more letters back and forth, no more waiting around for a signature. By my reckoning, that alone saves us at least 15 minutes per contract and we have about 2,500 of those a year.’ 


Erwin explains: ‘We used to work with two other document management applications, but the performance was never quite up to scratch. It was also difficult to create other templates, so a consultant always had to do that for us. With Documizers, we can do it all ourselves. DocuFlow saves us a lot of time and a lot of hassle.’ 

With Documizers, we can do it all ourselves!

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Read the interview with Erwin de Winter, and find out how HandicapNL uses DocuFlow for efficient document management. 

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