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Legally valid quotes and contracts on the spot


Generate digital documents through Salesforce and have them legally signed

An interview with Nicky Kuijper, Head of Procurement at Wiltec.

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Wiltec uses DocuFlow from Documizers to generate digital documents, which can be legally signed using Evidos. The functionalities are integrated into Salesforce, Wiltec’s CRM system. Wiltec can thus support customers directly, without the drawing up and signing of quotes and contracts causing delays. Full interview.

From a matter of weeks to a matter of hours

Quotes and contracts used to be sent on paper and then signed. ‘In practice, that meant drafting the document, printing it out, and submitting it to management for signature. It was then signed and sent to the customer by post. The customer would sign the document and then send it back to us—again by post. So before we could actually get started, a whole week would’ve flown by.’


The joint solution from Documizers and Evidos speeds up this process considerably. ‘DocuFlow contains document templates that automatically load customer information from Salesforce, so the contract or the quote is ready right away. It can then be sent online to management for signing using Evidos, before being emailed to the customer. The customer can sign the contract or the quote right away if they wish.’ The process has thus been shortened from a matter of weeks to a matter of hours.

The process has been shortened from a matter of weeks to a matter of hours.

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Read the interview with Nicky Kuijper and discover how Wiltec uses DocuFlow and Evidos for efficient document management.

About the collaboration with Evidos

This customer story is a collaboration between Documizers and Evidos. Would you like to know more about the integration between these parties? Digital Signing.  

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