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MILON: DocuFlow has greatly simplified our document process

Interview with Thomas van Engelen – Project owner MILON

Based in the south-eastern Dutch town of Veghel, research and consulting agency MILON issues advice reports based on soil analyses, water assessments and infiltration analyses. Putting these reports together is a time-consuming task, and MILON would much rather use that time for professional advice. With this in mind, the company started using Documizers’ DocuFlow in 2020.


The DocuFlow online platform is integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft 365, and enables staff to put together reports in Word, with the right corporate style and with business data and project information from Business Central. The integration between DocuFlow and Microsoft 365 enables automated sending of the advice reports using Outlook and storage of correspondence in SharePoint. This has greatly simplified the document creation and sending process for MILON.

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Customer Challenges

Based in the south-eastern Dutch town of Veghel, MILON is a research and consulting agency that specialises in soil, building materials and the environment. Founded in 1992, MILON researches soil quality for local authorities, project developers and other parties in the industrial, road construction and hydraulic engineering sectors. The team of 45 experts provides advice and permits based on environmental and other legislation.


MILON’s advice reports contain a lot of research data, so putting them together is a time-consuming process. MILON needed a solution that would generate reports in a uniform corporate style in Word, with customer details and project information from Business Central.

MILON: Project staff can spend more time on our core business: giving customers high-quality advice.

DocuFlow by Documizers

Developed by Documizers, DocuFlow is a document generator that makes it easy to put together even the most complicated documents, using its dynamic question-and-answer model. DocuFlow has a direct data exchange interface with Microsoft Business Central. This means that DocuFlow not only retrieves data, but also returns data, such as manual changes made to the document.

In addition to the interface with Business Central, DocuFlow is also integrated with Microsoft 365. The advice reports generated are automatically sent to the customer using Outlook, along with an accompanying email and the relevant attachments. And the correspondence is all stored securely at a central location in both Business Central and SharePoint.

Since DocuFlow saves all correspondence directly in Business Central, everyone can see a customer’s latest project status.

Benefits for MILON

DocuFlow accelerates and simplifies the administrative tasks involved in consulting. The document process is largely automated, taking repetitive tasks off the users’ hands and therefore reducing the risk of errors. This leaves project staff more time for giving advice.


Source: Interview with Thomas van Engelen – Project owner MILON

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