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Meet our Documizers
Docu en Flow

They appear in all Documizers publications, our document heroes Docu and Flow. You can see them on the website, social media, presentations and in our brochures. But who are Docu and Flow? Read it here.


Who are they, Docu en Flow?

In addition to our colleagues and customers, we have had two new ambassadors since January 2023: the Documizers.

Docu, dressed in blue and Flow in purple, represent the pay-off ‘Masters of document processes’.


What is a Master of document processes?

You can call yourself a master of document processes if you are an expert in document automation with DocuFlow. A boss, a superhero, like Docu and Flow.


The face for document automation

The characters Docu and Flow give our document solution DocuFlow a face. The document heroes radiate what our product stands for: positive energy, professionalism and progress.

Where to find Docu en Flow?

Docu and Flow are everywhere. You can find them on our website, in marketing campaigns, on social media and in brochures. As in the example below, our mascots show you the way, give tips and emphasize action points, such as viewing rates or requesting a demo.

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