Masters of document processes

Generate and process documents directly from AFAS Software? You can with DocuFlow.

Create, send, digitally sign and archive professional documents and emails? Documizers simplifies the process for you.

DocuFlow combined with AFAS Software offers you these features

Dynamically generate documents and emails in Microsoft Word based on building blocks.

Process existing documents or incoming correspondence in AFAS Profit.

Save or update document information in AFAS Profit and send it by email.
Send agreements from AFAS for a digital signature.
Centralized archiving in Document Management System.
Move actions to the background to save time and save work.

DocuFlow simplifies and speeds up the creation, sending, digital signing and archiving of documents and emails from AFAS Insite & AFAS Outsite

How does DocuFlow work?

DocuFlow digitizes and automates the document and email processes in your organization. This means that DocuFlow saves your team time and energy processing documents such as quotations, contracts and mailings.

The application integrates document actions, such as creating, sending, digitally signing and archiving, into one automated document process. This is possible thanks to seamless integration with AFAS Profit and other associated systems within your IT landscape. The result? Professional personalized documents and emails in an instant. Without tapping, clicking or searching.


Customer Quote

Math van der Wielen | Munckhof

DocuFlow offers us positive values that AFAS itself cannot offer. Examples include automating the corporate identity, arranging the sending and archiving of letters, generating quotations and compiling documentation for group trips

AFAS software offers wonderful functionality to generate, sign and archive documents.

But in some cases, you need extra possibilities. Or document processes are so unique and complex that the available features do not suffice. Then the collaboration between Documizers and AFAS will bring you these benefits:
Build documents dynamically
create documents quickly and easily with a dynamic question-and-answer model.
Save to SharePoint
save documents and emails not only in the AFAS Dossier, but also in other document management systems (DMS), such as SharePoint.
Corporate identity managed in one place
change corporate identity for all documents at the touch of a button.
Start the document process from another application
DocuFlow can read incoming emails, archive them in AFAS Software and start a workflow.
Freedom in digital signing
prefer a digital signing application other than the one that AFAS offers as standard? DocuFlow offers this option.

Let’s get started with your document challenges

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Completed projects

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Processes per month

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This is what customers are saying about us

We manage all our document processes with DocuFlow. We have never considered looking for another supplier, because we are simply very satisfied.

René van Woensel | Lift Emotion

Documizers does not shy away from challenges with documents, but knows how to solve them.

Ron Piepers | Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg

Linked to the donor administration in Salesforce, the Documizers system ensures that AAP can manage document processes.

Stephan van Reisen | Stichting Aap

Documizers was the obvious choice. ‘We only do business with AFAS partners, because the software systems complement each other perfectly. DocuFlow launches at the single click of a button in AFAS Profit and generates the document we need. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Math van der Wielen | Munckhof

With just a few actions, we can generate a professional letter, formatted with DocuFlow, which puts in the right text blocks, the right details, the right logo and the digital signatures. We have really got our responses to customers in order thanks to our software.

Math van der Wielen | Munckhof

Project staff can spend more time on our core business, giving customers high-quality advice.

Thomas van Engelen | MILON

DocuFlow has greatly simplified our document process. Since DocuFlow saves all correspondence directly in Business Central, everyone can see a customer’s latest project status.

Thomas van Engelen | MILON


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