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Generate and process documents directly from Salesforce? You can with DocuFlow.

Create, send, digitally sign and archive professional documents and emails? Documizers simplifies the process for you.

DocuFlow simplifies and speeds up the creation, sending, digital signing and archiving of documents and emails from Salesforce

What if you could start a document process from Salesforce with one press of a button?

These are the benefits of integration between Documizers and Salesforce:

Less work

more time for your organization’s core business


improved document security and validity

Centralized management

centrally controlled and easy-to-manage document processes


more professional and personalized correspondence with customers and business partners

Standardized process

all employees now process documents and emails in the same way

DocuFlow 60 seconds

How does DocuFlow work?

DocuFlow digitizes and automates the document and email processes in your organization. This means that DocuFlow saves your team time and energy processing documents such as quotations, contracts and mailings.

The application integrates document actions, such as creating, sending, digitally signing and archiving, into one automated document process. This is possible thanks to seamless integration with Salesforce and other associated systems within your IT landscape. The result? Professional personalized documents and emails in an instant. Without tapping, clicking or searching. Watch video.

DocuFlow combined with Salesforce offers you these features:

DocuFlow is available on Salesforce AppExchange.

Let’s get started with your document challenges

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Completed projects

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Processes per month

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The cooperation with Documizers is very pleasant. They always respond immediately to requests, problems or proposals.

Nicky Kuijper


It is nice that Documizers is a small organization that is close to the customer. They listen to us carefully.

Mariska van der Mark

Schipper Accountants

Our documents look super sleek and professional!

Debby Smits

Logistic Force


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