DocuFlow Generator for Business Central

DocuFlow Generator: generate documents quickly and easily within Business Central

If you work with Dynamics 365 Business Central and would like to generate documents such as purchase orders, framework contracts, order confirmations, invoices and packing slips easily and quickly, DocuFlow Generator is the answer. This ready-to-use document solution consists of a dedicated document generator that has more than 50 standard document templates. DocuFlow Generator is integrated with your favorite applications and is easy to install. That way, you can get started easily and quickly.

Document automation Business Central
How it works

Here’s how you create documents with DocuFlow

Document creation with DocuFlow starts with one press of a button in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Documents and emails are generated based on a template that has building blocks. These building blocks—visual identities, text fragments, images, and so on—are managed centrally. Documents that have been generated are edited in Microsoft Word and can be sent by email with a single click.

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Benefits of DocuFlow Generator

  1. Short implementation time: up and running in half a day.
  2. Contains 54 standard document and email templates in both Dutch and English.
  3. Customize or build templates in MS Word without code or RDLC.
  4. The visual identity is managed centrally and can be changed in all templates with a single click.
  5. Documents are automatically stored in Business Central and/or a document management system (DMS) of your choosing, such as SharePoint.
  6. Predefined processes for generating, sending and storing outgoing documents.
  7. Easy to expand with bulk mailings or digital signing.
Out of the box

Get started really fast

DocuFlow Generator is the out-of-the-box document solution from Documizers. It offers everything you need to get started fast with document generation. The document processes are predefined. All you need to do is add your logo to the document templates (that takes a single click) and you’re good to go.

Managing your templates without code or RDLC

If you’d like to compile other document templates in addition to the set of document and email templates that are included as standard, you can! In no time, we will show you how to create and manage document templates in DocuFlow and MS Word without code or RDLC.

You can use DocuFlow Generator for as little as 12 euros per user per month.

Document templates included as standard

DocuFlow generator voor Business Central

DocuFlow includes the following templates, in both Dutch and English, along with the accompanying emails. 

  • Reminders
  • Purchase orders
  • Procurement framework contracts
  • Packing slips (sales consignments that have been entered)
  • Credit notes
  • Sales invoices
  • Quotations
  • Order confirmations
  • Sales framework contracts
Easy link up with

Your favorite integrations

DocuFlow’s document generator is integrated with 40 different applications, including: 


  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Office 365 | Word, Outlook, SharePoint and Teams
  • DMS | OneDrive, Dropbox
  • Evidos for digital signing

DocuFlow Generator document process

With a single click, you can start the following document process in Business Central. The rest of the process happens automatically, as DocuFlow does the work for you.

Document process Business Central

Looking for customization?

If your customer is looking for more advanced document processes, DocuFlow Professional is the solution. Here are some of the possibilities with DocuFlow Professional:


  1. Send documents from Business Central for digital signing.
  2. Extensive archiving possibilities in SharePoint.
  3. Bulk sending of your own document types.


More information about DocuFlow Professional.

Available in Microsoft AppSource

If your organization works with Dynamics 365 Business Central and you are looking for an easy way to generate, send, digitally sign and archive documents, simply go to Microsoft’s AppSource and start a free trial.

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