Generating and signing quotations in Salesforce

Offertes samenstellen met DocuFlow

Simplify and accelerate the quotation process with DocuFlow

Making deals is fun. Making quotations? Often less so, especially if they’re labor-intensive, and if getting the signature takes a lot of time. This should be easier, shouldn’t it? And indeed it can be with DocuFlow, the Salesforce add-on from Documizers.


DocuFlow is a Dutch document solution that allows you to automatically generate really great-looking quotations and have them digitally signed in Salesforce.

Easily generate quotes

Everything starts with a great quotation

With DocuFlow’s document generator, you can generate the most beautiful quotations and emails directly from Salesforce.


Documents and emails are generated based on a template that has building blocks. These building blocks—visual identities, text fragments, images, and so on—are managed centrally. Current customer and product information is automatically retrieved by DocuFlow from Salesforce. After the quotation has been generated, it can be edited in Microsoft Word and any finishing touches added. 

That way you can create a quotation you can be proud of in just a few minutes!

Benefits: generating quotations with DocuFlow

  1. Quick and easy (even automatic) 
  2. Personalized with the right customer information
  3. Really sleek formatting in line with the visual identity
  4. Error-free and complete
  5. Legally correct, including all terms & conditions and annexes
  6. Accompanying email included

Create more impact with your quotations


Close deals really fast with the digital signature

Start the DocuFlow signing process from within Salesforce or Microsoft Word with a single click. The rest of the process happens automatically, Printing quotations, sending them by post, signing with a pen, returning them and scanning them: that’s all a thing of the past.

DocuFlow_digitaal ondertekenen

Benefits: digital signing with DocuFlow

  1. Less work, so more efficient
  2. Shorter turnaround for the quotation process
  3. Easier for clients to sign
  4. More reliable than a handwritten signature
  5. Gives insight into every step of the signing process

Wondering how this will make your job easier?

3 powerful features in one cloud-based solution

The DocuFlow document application has a unique combination of features (explained below). These features make sure that tasks such as generating, sending, digitally signing and archiving documents blend together into one smooth-running process.

1. Advanced document and email generator

DocuFlow lets you easily compile documents using predefined copy, with the correct (up-to-date) customer details, and in line with the preconfigured visual identity. They are managed in Microsoft Word. This means no technical knowledge is needed to edit templates, text blocks or visual identity elements.

2. Integration of your ICT landscape

DocuFlow integrates all the applications that play a role in the document process: generating, sending, digitally signing and saving/archiving documents and emails. This includes applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office, PDF, SharePoint, a digital-signature service, or a portal.

3. Document automation

DocuFlow runs document processes entirely or partly in the background, meaning that no manual interventions are needed to generate and process documents and emails.

About Documizers

Documizers helps organizations simplify and automate document and email processes from Salesforce, even when they’re complex. With over 15 years of experience in document automation, Documizers is known for its document process expertise, personal contact and short lines of communication. Documizers is based in the Netherlands. Contact us


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