3 powerful document features in one cloud solution.

DocuFlow is a solution for everything related to documents and emails.

The application not only consists of an advanced document generator, but is also an integration platform in which document-related applications come together. This comes in handy, because it allows you to connect the entire document process with DocuFlow and automate all document activities.

Advanced document and email generator

DocuFlow makes it easy to create documents according to your company’s brand identity, with predefined texts and correct customer information.

Integration IT landscape

DocuFlow integrates all applications you use for drafting, sending, digitally signing and archiving documents and emails.

Document automation

DocuFlow can process most document actions in the background by automating document processes, saving employees lots of time creating and processing documents and emails.

Simplify document processes

DocuFlow digitizes and automates document and email actions for documents such as …

And much more....

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What do you want to use DocuFlow for?

Dynamically generate documents and emails in MS Word based on building blocks.

Process existing documents or incoming correspondence.
Save or update document information in your information system and send it by email.
Send agreements from AFAS for a digital signature.
Centralized archiving in Document Management System.
Move actions to the background to save time and save work.

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