Archive documents and emails with DocuFlow.

DocuFlow helps you to archive new, existing or incoming documents and emails in the cloud at the touch of a button.
A document process includes the archiving of documents such as agreements, employment contracts, quotations, mailings and correspondence. You probably save these documents and emails manually. DocuFlow takes over this work, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


Customer Quote

Evert Smedes | DIFFERIT

Since February 18, 2021, DIFFERIT has been working with DocuFlow from Documizers. Now the quotation process is much faster, and quotations beat out the competition because of their more professional look. DIFFERIT is a partner of Documizers for good reason: for many AFAS users it is nothing short of a godsend.

The benefits of automatic archiving

  1. Save directly to SharePoint or other Document Management Systems.
  2. File location and file name are defined automatically.
  3. Documents are automatically saved as PDF.
  4. Uniform way of working and storing.
  5. Documents available to colleagues.
  6. No more manual actions required.

DocuFlow: DMS Integrations

Archive documents and emails in a Document Management System of your choice.

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Digitize and automate document processes with DocuFlow

DocuFlow is an online platform that automatically generates and processes documents and emails. The application integrates all your document actions into one document process and connects the applications involved. This makes creating, sending, digitally signing and archiving documents such as contracts, quotations or reports a piece of cake.


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DocuFlow possibilities.

DocuFlow: Here’s how it works

DocuFlow integraties:

What information system does your organization work with?

DocuFlow can connect with different applications to retrieve or store document informatie.

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