Direct digital signing from your information system and Microsoft Office.

With DocuFlow you can start the signing process directly from your information system or Microsoft Office. So you don’t have to upload a document in a signing portal. DocuFlow automatically retrieves all necessary data from the signer and processes it in the signing process. Manually retyping data is a thing of the past. Which is efficient and avoids typos.

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Erwin de Winter | HandicapNL

We use digital signing for our volunteer contracts, among other things. No more letters back and forth, no more waiting for a signature. I think that alone will save us at least 15 minutes per contract and we have about 2,500 per year.

The advantages of digital signing with DocuFlow

  1. Digital signing from your information system or Microsoft Office
  2. No document upload in signing portal
  3. Signing with or without SMS TAN verification
  4. Decide for yourself where to position the signature on the document
  5. Automate the entire signing process with just a few mouse clicks
Digitaal Ondertekenen

Printing a document, sending it by post, signing with a pen, returning and scanning. That's no longer acceptable, is it?

Make digital signing part of the document process

Automatically process and digitally sign documents with DocuFlow

Digital signing is always part of a larger process. Consider, for example, the process of a contract. The document is first drawn up, stored and sent before it can be digitally signed. After signing, the document is returned, archived, and workflows for follow-up actions may be initiated.

DocuFlow connects and automates all steps in the document process so that the process is simplified to just a few mouse clicks.


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