DocuFlow makes digital signing part of your document processes

Digital signing: no more printing, scanning and sending mail. Do we need to say more?

Agreements, employment contracts, quotations, annual accounts. They all need a signature. DocuFlow integrates with, market leader in digital signing, and ensures that all your documents are provided with a digital scribble.

Sign document digitally - DocuFlow

Printing a document, sending it by post, signing with a pen, returning and scanning. That's no longer acceptable, is it?


The benefits of an electronic signature

  1. Faster signing process.
  2. Fewer steps in the administrative process.
  3. Helps your organization go paperless.
  4. Cost savings of up to 75 percent.
  5. Completely legally valid and more reliable than a handwritten version.
  6. Access to every step of the signing process.

Digital signing and your information system. How does that work?

By using DocuFlow in combination with, retrieving a digital signature, internally or externally, is a piece of cake. The signing process starts with one push of a button in your ERP or CRM system. The rest is automatic. Printing documents, sending by post, signing with a pen, returning and scanning are all a thing of the past.

Evidos: our software partner

Evidos is the market leader in providing solutions for digital signing and digital identity verification. Their platform ensures that business relations can easily sign digitally or identify themselves with iDIN, DigiD, SMS, or a passport selfie check.

  1. Knowledge partner for more than 1000 customers for 20 years;
  2. Total solution for logging in, identifying and signing;
  3. 100% probative value in your own hands with the combination of identification and transaction proof;
  4. In accordance with international laws and regulations, eIDAS, SOCII and ISO 27001.

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Customer Quote

Erwin de Winter | HandicapNL

We use digital signing for our volunteer contracts, among other things. No more letters back and forth, no more waiting for a signature. I think that alone will save us at least 15 minutes per contract and we have about 2,500 per year.

Digitize and automate document processes with DocuFlow

DocuFlow is an online platform that automatically generates and processes documents and emails. The application integrates all your document actions into one document process and connects the applications involved. This makes creating, sending, digitally signing and archiving documents such as contracts, quotations or reports a piece of cake.

DocuFlow integraties:

DocuFlow integrations: connect with your information system

DocuFlow is usually connected to an ERP or CRM application where document information is retrieved or stored. Which application does your organization use?

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