From static document to online experience with DocuFlow Flipbook.

Want to make a dazzling impression on customers? Choose DocuFlow Flipbook and transform your documents quickly and easily into an online browsable experience. It’s a unique and ideal way to present quotations, contracts and reports to your clients.

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What is Flipbook?

Document generator and
Flipbook converter in one

Branding: colors,
fonts, logo, URL's

Interactive by URL's,
videos and audio


Make an impact with beautifully formatted documents? Simple with DocuFlow!

Need some inspiration? In this gallery you will find examples of documents created by customers using DocuFlow.

Document innovation

Make a dazzling impression on your customers.

In 2022, a document such as a quotation consists of more than just an attractive offer. It also needs to be personalized, appealing and inspiring. And all without eating up too much of your time. DocuFlow is an advanced document solution that allows you to easily generate and present professional quotations. DocuFlow Flipbook automatically transforms static documents into a browsable digital experience with a realistic page-turning effect. That way your quotation will really stand out and you’ll make a dazzling impression on your customers.

How does DocuFlow Flipbook work?

DocuFlow Flipbook is an addition to the Documizers document generator. If you’re already using the DocuFlow document generator, adding Flipbook is quick and easy. You can automatically transform all documents, whether or not they’ve been generated with DocuFlow, into a Flipbook experience. And you can add a link for digital signing to the Flipbook document. That way you’ll be offering your clients a digital experience to remember. 

A document generator and Flipbook converter in one.

Why choose DocuFlow Flipbook?

  1. Offers a great visual experience
  2. Quick to implement and easy to use
  3. Fully responsive on all devices (HTML5)
  4. Easy to combine with the digital signature
  5. Interactive, thanks to the use of hyperlinks and videos
  6. A document generator and Flipbook converter rolled into one

You can adapt DocuFlow Flipbook to your own brand and offer it within your web domain.

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