Send and save generated documents with DocuFlow.

In addition to an advanced document generator, DocuFlow is also an application that automatically sends and stores documents and emails. A document process does not stop after generating a quotation, agreement, report and mailing. The next step is to send and save it. Documizers automates these actions for you with DocuFlow.

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Because all correspondence is directly stored by DocuFlow in Business Central, the project status of customers is visible to everyone. Handy if, for example, a colleague goes on vacation.

Automatically send documents by email

  1. Send a document from ERP, CRM or Word at the touch of a button.
  2. Email messages to send the document are automatically generated.
  3. Documents are converted to PDF and attached to the email message.
  4. Email addresses are added automatically.
  5. No more manual actions required.

Automatically save generated documents in your information system


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Digitize and automate document processes with DocuFlow


DocuFlow is an online platform that automatically generates and processes documents and emails. The application integrates all your document actions into one document process and connects the applications involved. This makes creating, sending, digitally signing and archiving documents such as contracts, quotations or reports a piece of cake.

DocuFlow possibilities.

DocuFlow: Here’s how it works

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DocuFlow can connect with different applications to retrieve or store document informatie.

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