Automatically process existing or incoming documents and emails with DocuFlow

Processing and storing documents in the application of your choice? Documizers takes care of it for you with the DocuFlow integration platform.

A document or email process not always starts from a CRM or ERP application. Sometimes the document process starts with an incoming message. DocuFlow can read incoming documents and emails, archive them in the right place, and connect them to a workflow. Handy, for example, for dealing with incoming complaints.

Processing documents and emails with DocuFlow

Choose from 10 different actions

  1. Archive
  2. Start workflow
  3. Create dossier item
  4. Digital signing
  5. Status update
  6. Save to SharePoint
  7. Convert to PDF
  8.  Read file & Extract
  9. Merge documents
  10. And much more …
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If a complaint is received via the website, it will be sent to our service bureau via a workflow and ultimately to the person who deals with the complaint. The resulting document flows, such as the confirmation of receipt and the handling letter, are all automated.

Digitize and automate document processes with DocuFlow

DocuFlow is an online platform that automatically generates and processes documents and emails. The application integrates all your document actions into one document process and connects the applications involved. This makes creating, sending, digitally signing and archiving documents such as contracts, quotations or reports a piece of cake.

DocuFlow integraties:

DocuFlow integrations: connect with your information system

DocuFlow is usually connected to an ERP or CRM application where document information is retrieved or stored. Which application does your organization use?

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